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Ferrite magnets

Sintered ferrite magnets of BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19, in isotropic and anisotropic form, produced by a wet or dry molding process, are characterized by a low Br residual induction value compared with rare earth magnets, but by a high resistance to demagnetization, high temperature and chemical agents alike. The relative low cost and excellent reliability and performance contents underlie their very wide use in the production of permanent magnet motors for the automotive, industrial and domestic sectors, small power generators, in the electroacoustic field, sensor production, medical sector, and more.

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Key feature of ferrite permanent magnets is their reversibility, that is the property of being able to be magnetized and demagnetized without losing their magnetic properties. These are ceramic magnets, with specific characteristics of hardness and brittleness, therefore they can be mechanically worked for example by grinding with diamond discs.

In the production process, the raw material is mixed, ground and sintered. A substantial difference derives from the presence or absence, during the pressing phase, of a magnetic field: in the presence of a magnetic field anisotropic permanent magnets are obtained, with higher values ​​of magnetism in a preferential direction, otherwise magnets are obtained in isotropic ferrite.

They are normally recognizable by their dark gray color and thanks to their characteristics they do not require a surface coating to protect against oxidation, since they are magnets obtained directly from oxides.