Plasto-Neodymium magnets

Composed of NdFeB powders and plastic polymer, these magnets are obtained by injection moulding, compression, extrusion and calendering processes.
The injection process allows the realization of complex shapes with high precision and the insertion of other components such as spindles, metal inserts, etc.
When a high flux density and a simple magnet shape, such as rings, disks or cylinders is required, compression moulding is preferable.
Flexible magnets are obtained with the calendering process and can be cut or die-cut to obtain the desired and adhesive forms.
Besides the wide versatility for the type of magnetization, these materials have energy values (BH) max of 32 to 86 kJ / m3, with good temperature stability characteristics.
ODB Magneti can assist you in the development of your projects from the drafting of the initial configurations, to the realization of the prototype, capable of satisfying even the most specific application needs.
The main features reported here are of a general nature, we are happy to provide the necessary assistance to determine the most appropriate product for the specific application.


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