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We are able to offer a complete series of sales support services to help you in the realization of your magnetic project, from technical support to prototyping.


All you need for your magnetic project

Technical support – alongside our customers in the design and co-design of the magnetic function.

Magnetic and material characterization – study and analysis of magnetic characteristics, identification of material specifications and performance optimization.

On-site measurements – where it is necessary our technical action on systems or solutions that do not allow the movement of the piece, on-site support for analyzes and measurements of the magnetic and operating characteristics.

Quick prototyping – through our internal workshop, or a consolidated network of responsive manufacturing partners in Asia, we offer magnet samples to our customers in the shortest possible time in the prototyping and development phase of their projects.

Stock management for prompt delivery – we offer stock for prompt delivery to our customers to meet their needs in a timely manner.

Raw materials alert – we share with our customers, through newsletter reports, the raw materials cost trend used in our magnets, for a more reactive and optimized supply chain.

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