Magnetic tapes

Flexible and manageable, easy to apply, magnetic tapes are the ideal system for creating graphic elements to be fixed, coupled, exposed and removed in a simple and rapid manner on metal surfaces.

The vast assortment of magnetic shapes and configurations, the wide range of standard sizes and the different types of double-sided adhesives available allow you to choose the magnetic profile to meet any particular application requirement. Magnetic surfaces have a UV coating for migrating plasticizers. They are generally packaged in 30m rolls or supplied cut to size.



The product range is available in the new eco-sustainable versions, with low environmental impact, not harmful to the environment, which, thanks to the materials used and the optimization of the production processes, are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and free from low smoke halogens, with EN14582 certification.

Standard range

Magnetic tapes with double-sided tape

Main sizes and magnetic characteristics for a wide variety of applications.


Magnetic tapes

Magnet-magnet application

For the simplicity, speed and precision of the positioning of the graphics, the magnet-magnet coupling system is widely used for fixing the graphics of portable advertising backdrops and backdrops, in modular closable mini stands, with immediate visual and communicative impact.

Available in standard sizes 12.5-25 mm with Mag A-B magnetic configurations for perfect profile-to-profile couplings.


profili magnetici 04

profili magnetici scheda 02

profili magnetici 03

Standard range

Magnetic label holder

C-profiles are the simplest and most practical support for placing labels on shelves, containers, machinery, easy to cut to the desired

length, removable and repositionable. Available with white cardboard and transparent protection film, in rolls of 25m or cut to size.


Magnetic tapes

Standard range

Colored magnetic tapes

Flexible, easy to cut, writable with a permanent or washable marker, to label, fix, display and remove simply and quickly on metal

surfaces, available in various colors.


Magnetic tapes