Visual management warehouse & logistics

Our wide variety of products Visual Mag® includes solutions for easy display and protection of documents, for identification of the products in the production processes, in the warehouse and in the organization of the logistics and order of components. We have a wide range of magnetic and metal supports for the realization of metal surfaces (Blackboards, Magnetic Boards), suitable for every specific need.

Standard range

Magnetic sheets

Flexible, easy to cut to obtain the most varied shapes, easy to apply and remove, available with dark gray natural front, in

white writable and erasable white PVC, in various colors, with double-sided tape.


tab foglimagnetici EN

Standard range

Magnetic paper

The 0.26 mm thick magnetic paper can be printed with the common Ink-Jet and Laser printers, available in A4 format, ideal for

printing images, reminders, creating labels and more.


tab carta.magnetica

Standard range

Magnetic letters

Magnetic capital letters pack for use on any metal surface.


tab carta.magnetica

Standard range

Colored magnetic tapes

Flexible, easy to cut, writable with a permanent or washable marker, to label, fix, display and remove simply and quickly on

metal surfaces, available in various colors.


tab nastri magnetici colorati

Standard range

Magnetic label holder

The simplest and most practical system for labeling shelves, containers, machinery, easy to cut to the desired length, removable

and repositionable. Available with white cardboard and transparent protection film, in rolls of 25m or cut to size.


tab etichettemagnetiche

Standard range

Adhesive magnetic tapes

Flexible, easy to handle, easy to cut and apply, to fix, display, couple magnet-magnet graphic elements and more, removable

and repositionable simply and quickly.


tab etichette magnetiche

Standard range

Magnetic envelopes

To expose and protect all documents regularly used in the company, in transparent PVC

and colored ABS frame.


tab buste magnetiche

Standard range

Magnetic frames

For the exposure of documents easy to place and remove, in transparent PVC and frame

in coloured ABS.


tab cornici magnetiche

Standard range

Magnetic bars

Simple and practical system for hanging posters, graphics, announcements, etc., allows a

quick insertion and exchange of sheets with a book opening type of magnetic tapes covered

in elegant PVC, fixing to the wall by means of self-adhesive or screws.


tab barre magnetiche

Standard range

Metallic sheets

Composed of iron and plastic polymer particles, with white or dark grey PVC finish, for the realization of flat metal surfaces,

for example whiteboards or magnetic boards, and curved surfaces to support all types of magnets.
Lightweight, flexible, easy to cut and fix with self-adhesive, available in sheets 50 x70 cm or cut to size.


tab fogli metallici

Standard range

Steel tapes

Thin metal foil white satin finish and with acrylic adhesive, it is ideal for making linear frames or support, to be used in

combination with magnetic tapes.


tab nastri metallici

Standard range

Steel discs

Steel discs with countersunk hole or self-adhesive, to be fixed on surfaces not attracted by magnetic fields such as wood,

aluminium, plastic, glass or masonry walls, providing a receptive surface to which any type of magnet can be applied.


tab dischi acciaio

Standard range

Neodymium magnets

Are the magnets with the biggest characteristics available on the market today, very powerful with various surface finishes, available in different shapes and sizes.


Standard range

Neodymium rubber coated pot magnets

The rubber coating prevents damage to the metal surface of contact and if applied on vertical surfaces limits the sliding

downwards. Available with the practical handle for temporary fixation of sheets, graphics and more.


tab basi neodimio rivestimento gomma

Standard range

Neodymium pot magnet with hook

Quick to fix and remove are the optimal support for suspended objects.


tab basi gancio

Standard range

Neodymium pot magnet with countersunk hole

Quick to fix with screws or rivets.


tab basi foro svasato


Standard range

Neodymium pot magnet with threaded stem

Quick to fix with threaded stud.


tab gambo filettato

Standard range

Neodymium pot magnet with carabiner hook

Quick to fix and remove, they are the optimal support for suspended objects.


tab basi moschettone

Standard range

Neodymium Rectangular pot magnet

Quick to fix with screws or rivets.


tab basi rettabngolari