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Pot magnets with hook

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Wide range of magnets with steel bases. They are the ideal devices for those applications where an intense holding force is required. The magnets with steel base are available in different models (countersunk hole, with hook, with threaded shank, etc.) to respond to the countless applications to which they lend themselves:

  • Magnetic bases with countersunk hole to screw
  • Magnetic bases with cylindrical hole to screw
  • Magnetic bases with hook
  • Magnetic bases with threaded stem
  • Magnetic bases with threaded bushing
  • Magnetic bases with internal thread
  • Magnetic bases with rubber coating

On surfaces not attracted by magnetic fields, such as wood, aluminum, plastic, glass or masonry walls, to be used with steel discs fixed with screws or rivets.
To optimize their use, it is important that the magnetic bases work in contact with a sufficiently thick and smooth metal surface.
We offer several customization options and complementary accessories such as scratch-resistant silicone discs. The encapsulated magnet is slightly recessed to prevent direct contact with the metal surface from damaging it. They are ideal for indoor applications while for outdoor use the magnetic base in ferrite, not subject to oxidation, is recommended.

When calculating the attraction force of steel-based magnets, we must not forget the tangential stress to which the magnet is subjected when positioned on a vertical work surface. The direction in which the force is exerted on the magnet determines the calculation of the tightness of the magnetic system. The indicated force values ​​are always calculated with reference to a direction perpendicular to the contact surface.