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Samarium cobalt

Belonging to the family of rare earth magnets, the first type to be developed and commercialized before the advent of NdFeB magnets, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets exhibit good magnetic properties, consistency of performance at high operating temperatures, and the highest corrosion resistance compared to other types of rare earth magnets on the market today.
They can be used in most applications without any surface protection treatment. They are anisotropic and can be magnetized only in the direction of orientation.

Available in two types:
- Sm2Co17 present the highest and most consistent magnetic characteristics at high temperatures.
- SmCo5 characterized by better processability and magnetization in lower fields than SmCo17, they have the best corrosion resistance among rare earth magnets.
Unlike neodymium magnets, which require a high percentage of dysprosium to work at temperatures above 80°C, Samarium Cobalt magnets can be used up to 350°C.
They have a high coercive force so they are unlikely to demagnetize, and due to their high corrosion resistance, no surface coating is usually required.

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